Looking for people interested in doing a topdown ARPG.


I am reaching out to those who particularly wish to make a top down action RPG game similar to those like Torchlight, Diablo, Grim Dawn, etc. I know we all have our own game design but I also know some people wish to dedicate themselves to a particular type of game as well. I am curious to see if there is any serious interest to form a team around this. I am entirely open to game design and theme. I was considering a setting of Greek Mythology or the typical Medieval Dark Ages.

I am a programmer with professional game programming experience thus I feel quite comfortable handling the majority of the programming. If there is enough serious interest of other talent needed such as 3d artists, animators, environment artists, sound, etc then perhaps something serious can come of this.

Those on the team should assume a position of unpaid until money is made through funding or selling a game. At that point, the profits would be divided on a royalty basis based on the amount of work from the individual.

If interested please PM me, post here, or add me on skype (given below) to chat. Please include your talents as well so I have some idea of what part of game development you are interested in working in.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing back from you.

skype: coldscrip