Looking for Patreon to maintain an existing (broken) mod

Looking for a new or existing Patreon to maintain and fix an existing mod.

The mods are here:

Of particular interest is the "PetResurector" mod. I’ve actually had it up and in the Dev Kit and it seems to mostly work but when I cook it and try to use it then it’s a no-go. It also seems to work for some deaths in the editor and not others.

If someone is interested, please PM me or respond here. I initially had a $50 bounty posted on Bountysource for this so if you want to make a quick $50 with no ongoing commitment then just make it work right now (as verified by me) and I’ll gladly give you that.

In EITHER case my pre-conditions are that the modifications remain open source. I’m not interested in supporting any effort that is not.

Also- I know in any case the time involved will far surpass the amount of money being offered unless we can get multiple people sponsoring this through Patreon.

You can see through the original mod that there are quire a few people interested in this here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil…/?id=741338580

I can’t believe this doesn’t exist already in some official capability or as a mod.

Also, as an aside, the way this mod accomplishes it is quite clever. It’s not what I expected AT ALL.