Looking For Partners

Im looking for partners to help me with a Sci-Fi 3rd person shooter. Im new to UE4 but I can learn quickly, We can connect through screenshare and skype or Discord.

Are you artist or programmer?

Hi there, i would like to help u out with ur project, im a 3d modeler who is still learning but i can already do advance models, if u wanna share the details of ur game with me lemme know

my email:

Looking For Partners

Hey, im looking for people to help me create a Sci-Fi 3rd person shooter, ive been working on it for a few weeks but its getting hard as im new to UE4 and only 1 person. I have big ideas for the game and some may not be realistic but im going to try. Im looking for…
3D Modeler
Level Designer
C++/C# Programmer
Experienced UE4 Blueprinter
Experienced UE4 UMG User
Experienced UE4 Cutscene User

If you want to join the team message me, my skype is avicohen112 and my email is

Im a Blueprinter/VisualScripter

Hi PheonixGaming, any RPG Elements? Would you consider joining another’s project?

Ambitious Game Looking For Team Members

Prototype One is a Open World Sci-Fi 3rd Person Shooter/RPG. We are dedicated and hard working but are limited in terms of a Budget. Hopefully soon we will have a playable Demo for Kickstarter and that wont be a problem but we still need new team members.
We’re looking for…

3D Modelers
Character Modelers

We currently Consist of only about 5 people and have no artists or animators. Contact me at or Skype at Avicohen112 if youre interested.

Being more transparent about your project can help you recruit more people since royalty projects are basically volunteer, you have to hook folks with an interesting pitch. This template really helped our recruiting, give it a go!