Looking for Partners

I’m a solo developer and I have been working on a simple MOBA. I have the core mechanics for the multiplayer, i.e. in game chat, lobby, different arenas. In the lobby you can choose from a selection of characters. It is still pretty basic, but the biggest parts of the coding have been taken care of. I’ve made a base weapon class, so the implementation of more weapons should be pretty easy.

Now all this being said I’m looking to form a team of people to potentially form a studio. I’m looking for talented people who love what they do. I don’t care about degrees or experience. If you can do code, make models, design levels, compose music or sound effects, in other words if you can do something join my discord and we can talk about it. Discord: Discord Or if you prefer my email is [EMAIL=“tate.a.hertel@gmail.com”]tate.a.hertel@gmail.com