Looking for partners to start a TACTICAL fps game project

Tactical shooter (no name yet)

Idea is to make highly tactical combat simulator/game in urban area similiar to swat series. Game will have diffrent scenarios and settings examples police assault, counter-terrorist operation and military operations. These settings will vary in objectives, equipments, techniques and opposing forces. Game should be realistic and challenging. Each assault or mission should feel like puzzle and main focus is tactics and strategies


Real tactics which are main point to success in game
mayby assymetric multiplayer

About me

I am a student of managerial economics but I have always been intrested in games and game industry. I will work with funding which will be one of our objectives to get this idea to get rolling.

i’m interested… you would have seen arma ? its pretty much exactly what you describe… but theres definitely a lack of this type of thing
i can do 3d, animation, sound design, and other stuff
contact me at

Yes I know arma. Arma is good for simulating fullsize battles in big areas. But arma can’t do that level of detail in tactics and strategies of urban fighting and cqb I am looking for.

How large is your team at this moment?

I’m also interested, is this still active?

I’m looking for a game with non-lethal weapons and where you need to maybe argue with enemies (npcs in solo/coop).

I’m inspired by SWAT4 and the TV series “Flashpoint”

I’m interested as well, reminds me of SOCOM