Looking for partner to team up in developing game

Hello there. I’m looking for a partner to team up to develop game. Game is a classical battle royale game. Wanna say from the beginning that it is not paid in beginning. Rather profits made will be split/shared. Amount of how many will be split and shared will be negotiated if you are in.

Skills needed: general experience in UE4, developer skills and experience in developing games, most valuable are networking, online multiplayer experience on UE4.

About myself: I’m 17 years old male, have experience in Unity development and some amount of it in UE4, experienced in UE4 assets and how to get them, generally can work most of the day for developing the game.

add me on discord Etah620#3509

Hi, is this offering available for remote? I currently in Indonesia. thanks.

Hi. Sorry, idea is closed and I’m not looking for partner now