Looking for other aspiring Game Developers

Project Title:

**To begin with, I know this may seem distasteful as a newbie, looking to make a group but everyone starts somewhere and if I can help others in the process why not.
I want to gather a couple of people looking to learn and feed off of each others tips and advice. Making this environment a place for all to learn and acquire new skills together, so that we CAN start on a project.
There is an idea in the works, but there needs to be people to pass the idea around.

This group will be open to people of all levels, newbies welcomed.
A trello page will be established, for organization and billets for future development.

Team Structure:

Anthony Cruz
3D Artist - 1 year
Graphic Designer - 3 Years

Elijah Daryaei
Environment Designer - 5 Years

Cancer Coding
Programmer -
Blueprints -

Dave Cole
3D Artist -

Talent Required:

ANY Talent

Sub E-mail:
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Updated Team Structure!

I am trying (with my friend) to make some nice game. We both are quite good at unreal programming. He works as professional C++ coder, I work as reverse engineer. We seriously lack artist skills, or any artist in our team.

Currently the type of game we want to create is one big question, because almost every game we can think of requires tons of art.

So I just had a thought, instead of you guys doing some unprecised project, we all could join our forces, decide what we want to create and what can be done in small team. Then do it with aim of selling that game in future to get funds for something bigger and more serious.

I am currently working (rather doing prototyping) on small top down shooter for mobile platforms. I successfully created and released one game to android and ios. Nothing really cool, but it was done to learn all quirks of releasing game there.

Edit: This is no more actual, some good artist joined us, going full speed with game.

I will communicate with the group, and get back to you on that.

I sent an email :slight_smile:

Email sent^^

Is this still a viable post?

I have also sent an email

Hi Anthony,

I have sent an email.



I have sent an email.