[looking for] OpenGL skin shader

As the title says, I’m looking for a OpenGL skin shader, so I can use it with Substance Painter

Or is it possible to export out a Maya shader (in the OpenGL format) and use that shader?

I was looking for this as well, didn’t find it. I just decided to use in progress the PBRSSS shader that Allegorhythmic posted a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it didn’t really seem to be doing any SSS, just the PBR metal shader with a masked emissive channel. Anyway to get around it I just set up a scene in UE4 with the skin shader example and frequently export my maps from painter to check them out on my model with a good shader in UE4

Searching using GLSL keyword might help you out

yeah, that’s the one I have, I was also the one on the Allegorithmic forum asking for help on skin textures and it was posted to help me (which it didn’t), I’m still having to render each texture I export out so I can see the results

thanks, I’ll try that