Looking for one-to-one UE4 teacher/tutor

Hi all, I’m currently working through the book “Building an RPG in Unreal”. I’m trying to follow it to completion, but it was written for version 4.7 and is thus out of date and difficult to adapt a lot of the stuff for 4.11 and beyond.

I’m looking for somebody who is very experienced with the C++ side of things and understands the changes between the versions in terms of syntax and requirements. Primarily, I’m trying to find someone who can help me complete the book and give me further deep understandings of how a JRPG is made from a programming stand point.

As some background, I’m in a Computer Science program and I have covered the intro to C++ classes as well have understandings of data structures like lists, maps etc. I understand the basics of C++ and OOP, so I’m looking for someone who can teach me C++ as applied to Unreal and games and ideally to advance my programming skills even further.

Willing to pay for weekly lessons over Skype or FaceTime. Please PM me if interested and we can discuss schedules and rates etc.

Thanks guys