Looking for Oculus Rift users to try out our VR Experience

We are getting ready to launch our first VR experience, and looking for some Rift beta testers to try it out and give some feedback.

The experience is called CosmosisVR, and the first chapter is called The Living Cosmos. It is a short (around 12 mins) experience based on the story of the universe: from the Big Bang to the present day, taking in the emergence of life, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the appearance of early humans.

The experience is a guided visual story, with limited interaction. The Living Cosmos is intended as a kind of overview, setting the stage for future experience which will dive deeper into the themes and locations glimpsed during the journey.

We’re looking for a limited number of beta testers to try the experience out, and then fill out a short (10 questions) survey with some feedback.

If you’re interested, PM me your Oculus email address so I can add you to the beta testing channel.

Thanks very much!

Here are some screenshots from the experience: