Looking For New Laptop

I am a senior in high school and I plan on going to Michigan State University for Computer Science with a minor in Video Game Design. I am looking for a new laptop that I can use for college and for programming. I was looking for something that has an intel i7 cpu, 16gb of RAM, and gtx 1070 GPU. I’ve found a lot of good laptops with their only flaw being their GPU. I checked and unreal suggests a gtx 1070. I have a very good custom built PC at home, but I was looking for a light weight laptop to use at college every day. I have heard people say that I should just use Unreal at home, but I dont know if I would need to use it in class and being able to use it at friends house’s would be great too. Anyone have any suggestions? I have $2000 to spend but I would rather spend more like $1000.

a thousand dollars could be difficult to find a i7 cpu with 16GB ram and gtx 1070. However, since you need it for programming, probably a i5 could do the work as well. Then probably $1000 could be enough though.