Looking for Networking/programmer to develop blueprint for 1v1(dedicated server) game

Game Name:
The Empire Series: The Empire vs. The Universe or ES:EVU for short.

1v1 free to play competitive fighting game, relying heavily on quick decision making.


Huge amounts of lore. (The game is promoting a book)
1st and 3rd person combat
Ranged and Melee combat
Multiple types of rankings, including ELO, Win%, and Total games won.

ES:EVU is a hybrid 1st and 3rd person game. You either select and customize a class or chose a premade hero to fight. More info will be available to the employee upon being hired.

Team Structure:
Project creator- Zarsie
Lore- Zarsie
Whatever is needed and I can do - Zarsie
QA - Sarres, Nitr0
Art - Assorted commissions

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
Programmer, either Unreal or C++

The project will be as follows:

**Main Menu** - (Start->Matchmaking)(Profile->ProfilePage)(Options->OptionsPage)(Credits->CreditsPage)(Exit)
**Matchmaking**- Matchmaking will be done 1v1 via a dedicated server

Project Requirement #1 MainMenu UjAcnyo.png
Project Requirement #2 1v1 queue 13efe89575e6f2391a49026c362d16a3701bd587.png
Project Requirement #3 Hero select a0b23aaa7e81c48ba13152afe3bb84b40c8a1ada.png
Project Requirement #4 Ingame, all you have to do after that is transport both players to the map. I will take care of everything else.

Curse: Zarz02
Preferably just message me here.