Looking for Networking Programmer (API's, MySQL etc.)

So I have spoken with someone on here who seemed to be willing to help me, but they seem to be too busy to assist me, so I am looking forward to the next willing body. I have to get this Database connection resolved ASAP. I am very much willing to pay and will discuss payments once a serious inquiry is established. I have very little experience with Database connections to UE4 so I could really use some help here. I am looking for a secure, serialized connection where users inputs are safe and hashed. I would like a connection for a Login system as well as a connection for game side items, NPC’s, quest’s, etc. I need to get started on this like, tomorrow. So If you cannot assist me within the next day or two please don’t comment, my entire project is on hold as my previous programmer had moved onto a different project and is no longer working with my team and I. Thank you!