Looking for music & sound program recommendation

Hi, I’m looking for a good program to create music and sounds (a synthesizer i guess) for my projects in Unreal Engine, and taking advantage of discounts sales on Steam, is there any particular program to recommend me?


idk about paid software but i recently found https://lmms.io/ and have been playing with it. its very powerful for free software

As commercial software, some are using Reaper. http://www.reaper.fm Heard it’s pretty good. It has also some features aimed at game developpers.
On Steam there is something called Music Creator, but I don’t know very much about it.

Thank you both, I will review its recommendations.

I’m also using Reaper. It offers what most expensive DAWs offer for a pretty low price.
Out of the box it’s very suited for Tracking and Mixing. The effects that come with it don’t look very fancy, but offer everything you need for mixing. They don’t add a lot of flavor and do exactly what you set them up to do. If you want plugins that simulate the saturation/sound altering qualities of analog equipment you would have to find additional plugins. (Variety Of Sound offers a lot of great free ones)

But what is more important than the DAW are the plugins you use.
For Synths you can find a lot of free VSTi and other effects, those work pretty well in combination with other effects. For more complex Synths Plugins like NI’s Reaktor or Libraries for the free Reaktor Player might be a good investment. They take a lot of CPU power, but the quality of the simulation is great.

For sampling (Orchestra, Cinematic Percussion, Piano) I’m using Kontakt 5 and Libraries for that.

Thanks for your answer and interest , I will have in mind your comments, so soon’m downloading the demo and user guide of Reaper, I’ll start there.

Again thanks a lot

Really cool , i will downloading & trying that, thank you

You probably know it but Audacity is the best open source sound program.

Nothing but reaper