Looking for Multiplayer Gameplay/Networking Programmer (US Based)

[ROYALTY]Killing, My Friend - Looking for Gameplay and Networking Programmer and eventually Xbox/PS port (US Based)

Project Title:
Killing, My Friend

Killing, My Friend is a first and third person co-op arcade shooter with over-the-top movie realism and stunts inspired by classic action movies. The game pits four action movie stars against hordes of extras, lieutenants, henchmen, arch-nemesis and bosses on cliché movie sets to test your actor’s abilities. With emphasis on style, the player attempts to complete a variety of gameplay objectives and survive to the end while battling it out alongside other players. To survive you must cooperate, but to win the match you must do it in the most stylish way.

Killing, My Friend gameplay is broken up into waves of bad guys that we call Takes.   The players need to survive to the end of 10 Takes and escape to complete a game.   Each Take, the Director will throw random goals and events at the players to keep the gameplay fresh every game. The Director will also adjust the difficulty of the next Take depending on how well the previous Take went. Each kill earns the player a specific number of Fame(points) per kill and the amount varies based on the class of the enemy.   Score multipliers are applied depending on what actions the player takes while performing a kill like Dives or Slides or other Stunts.  Each successive kill while performing a stunt or chain of stunts will increase the multiplier and the player with the highest score wins the game.

1st and 3rd person gameplay
Unique health and Scoring system
Customizable weapons, costumes and gear

Team Name:
Hard-Boiled Software

Previous Work:
We’re the a team made up of veteran modders on games like Action Half-Life 1 & 2 and Double Action: Boogaloo some of who are now industry vets as well.

Talent Required:
Programmer: We are looking for a versatile and experienced Programmer with C++ knowledge specifically with regards to online multiplayer in Unreal 4. Any Xbox Dev Kit knowledge would be the rarest of all plusses.

We are fairly far along and are nearing the demo stage and are looking for someone to help bug-fix, add a few new features and polish for a demo and eventually Steam EA release later this year.

To apply, ideally you will:
-Have demonstrable experience with C++
-Have working knowledge of UE4, multiplayer, and Blueprints
-Be US based (preferably in the SoCal or Southwest US area, but outside is ok)
-Have focused attention on the end user experience
-(Plus)Have working knowledge of Xbox Dev Kit
-Have a strong team attitude
-Be comfortable researching and creating new content as required

Or PM me here!