Looking For More Team Members

Hi there,

I am currently looking for another modeler, level designer and blueprinter for assistance in a project we are working on. It’s a small team, mostly consisting of myself, and a blueprinter. We are designing a horror style game, with less focus on fighting, and more focus on avoidance and puzzle solving. The game is planned to be developed in small episodes rather than a full game at one time. This way, we are hoping to have a marketable product that can be tested and sold in a quicker time. If the first episode and/or funding becomes available, then payment options may be revised from royalty.

Currently, we have some progress done with a few mechanics in place, characters, environment, and some structures. To complete this, we will need:

  • Modelers capable of producing high quality models and textures that are fairly optimized. Hard Surface or Environmental Artists in high demand, though Character Artists are more than welcome as well.
  • Blueprinters capable of creating triggered events/puzzles/A.I./game mechanics, or any combination of these.
  • Level Designers capable of creating and optimized environments to reduce draw calls in an open world setting, constructing logical and realistic outdoor environments, constructing buildings and interiors from modular assets, assigning and creating materials and decals to objects.

About myself: I am a 3D Modeling graduate, who works full-time (currently not in the field however), and have been working with all aspects of modeling for over 10 years. I have a number of years of experience with UE4, on all sides, including programming, level design, animations, game design, character design, PBR texturing, and a little level design optimizations (currently my weak point). I am in my mid 30’s, and in progress of changing careers over to become a full-time 3D modeler. The team currently consists of myself and a blueprinter as full-time contributors, and a few individuals who are planning on assisting when time is available.

The positions above are the most needed, however, other individuals may message me as well if you have a skill set that may be of assistance. Since having many issues finding dedicated individuals, I will request that only serious inquiries be made.

You can PM me or send a message via discord: @Viking#9697

Now, for a few pictures, as everyone likes pictures (or vid - sorry, no video yet) to show our current progress.

Hi I am level designer and I can also do 3d models and recently I ve done some blueprints for my game so I can help you with that also. I am interested in your game I have contacted you on discord