Looking for modelers & animators for tons of projects


We are looking for modelers and animators for tons of projects we currently have.
We have many projects with lists of gameplay features and lines of storyline already written.
What stop us is the graphics we can’t make ourselves.
We have already programmers working with us!

We don’t have skills limitations, if you are a newbie you can still work with us.

We have preference with people that speak portuguese.

You can contact me through private messages.

Thanks in advance.

You are doing one project at a time and not overloading by attempting all of them at once are you? If you are trying to make a demo in short to figure out which game “works” by making a 1-2 week concept of each to decide your final project that could work too.

We get the concepts and work on them, if they actually are good we continue working on them. We are not doing with all at the same time.

I would love to sing a titlesong for you!

I am interested, give me some details about the games.

Who is “we” ?