Looking for modelers and concept artist

Project Name Altered
Role Required: Numerous modelers
My Role: writer
My Previous Projects: Many of us have worked on projects in the past
Team Size:8
Project Length: Long term. We are hoping for a successful studio
Compensation: Currently we are Rev-Share but we have been in talk with publishers and once we get a demo and get funding we go to paid
Responsibilities: work within your role doing the best that you can. We want to be successful just as much as you do and we all understand that a rev share is not ideal that is why we will be seeking funding so everyone will get paid. Attend meetings when they are required, post frequent updates, be a part of the team in a way that is helpful (drama is not allowed). Most importantly have fun!
Project Description: In a world where an AGI(artificial general Intelligence) was created and began experimenting on living organisms and recreating life in a very dangerous way take control of Bunny once a troubled poor girl affected by the virus then cryogenically frozen by a scientist named doctor Langston until her brain was implanted in an autonomous body (basically a human brain controlling a full robot body). Waking up 120 years after being frozen is confusing enough until you walk out of town to find swarms of altered creatures waiting to tear you apart limb by limb. Grab your sword as you walk into this hack and slash 3d 3rd person RPG.

Cryogenics, brain transplantation, robotic bodies - and the weapon of choice is a sword?

When everything goes to shit. If 95 percent of the population is gone. How many bullets will there be? Enough for 100 years of war? Doubtful. @Djinghis


Oh didn’t know I had to assume all of that.

I apologize

Hi we are a1 studio team we are a concept desgin and a modeler that we like to work with other teams too :smiley: , anything let us know.

Best regards Adrian

Are you still looking for modelers?

No offense at all, but one writer to another: You should really work on your grammar and mechanics (punctuation, etc). It’s not at all inspiring to read the small paragraph of what you wrote so poorly written, in an advertisement no less, when you are the writer of an entire game. I’m not even sure what the title is, if its called “Project Name Altered” or if the project is called “Name Altered” or indeed if the Project Name is “Altered”. Or perhaps it’s none of those and you’re just saying you have altered the name of the project and plan to update us later. This is right at the beginning too which may put a significant amount of people off, let alone that very untidy paragraph of storyline - it certainly would put me off, anyway.

I would suggest tidying it up a bit and doing some re-formatting to make it look more presentable; perhaps you’ll hear more replies. At the least, it wont reduce the number.
Just some constructive criticism, don’t take it to heart. I wish your project success :slight_smile:

(P.S I edited my comment because it was written at around 2am - not 11pm as it says here - and was incomplete)