Looking for Modeler

My project idea (Made with Blueprint) :
(Note : I am recent to unreal engine but I can do a lot of stuff with blueprints. So far I have a system to customize your ship’s stats, weapon, shape and soon abilities that also save your progress)

I am looking forward to make a Top Down Spaceshooter Dogfight game.
You will be able to customize your ship shape, ship’s stats, firearm & special abilities.
Progression through campaign will allow you to have a stronger ship and purchase abilities.
In the campaign my main goal is to provide unique AI for enemy ships and provide a nice gameplay experience.

Later on, I wish to make this concept available to multiplayer, which means :

  • PvP
  • Coop Mission

What I am looking for :
1 Person that can do 3D models of spaceships of many type, enemy spaceships and other stuff like space background and background planets.
1 Person that can do Mainmenu background, buttons for menus, UI design.

How you get paid?
When our project is completed, I will post the game on steam greenlight (I have the greenlight liscence)
and if we manage to make $ out of it, it’ll be split amongst the team.

If you are interested you can post below or send a message through unreal. (If you add a portfolio it is appreciated)

Hey man add me on skype: owenJlea