Looking For Modeler To Make SciFi Modular Armor Pieces

Hello everyone,

  • Looking for an artist ASAP
  • I’m looking to have hard edged industrial scifi Halo style armor that covers the head, shoulders, chest/stomach, arms, hands, legs, feet etc.
  • Each piece should be separated enough NOT to intersect or clip when animated.
  • The overall idea is to make the pieces modular, so players could swap out various armor pieces with others. (But that’s in the long run - should the game succeed).
  • Looking for time frame and what you would charge per individual armor piece (shoulder/chest/head/ etc)?
  • One armor set completed by April 20th. I’m not after AAA quality due to budget, but something that gives a strong direction and feel for the player character armors.
  • The overall aesthetic of the game is Mirror’s Edge color contrasts with Halo style architecture/bevel style.
  • It’s still in early development phase - more can be seen here about the gameplay.

Female_TechnicalEng_01.png FV_Portrait.png

Armor quality I’m after:

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please contact me at, and we’ll talk!

Definitely something we have a bunch of experience with, both with modular sci-fi and medieval armor so I’d love to chat. Would you also need rigging/animation help getting all these pieces to move properly?