Looking for Modeler and VFX particle artist for space marketplace asset

Hello, I am working on the Space Combat Starter Kit for (hopefully) the marketplace (see here: Space Combat Starter Kit - 6DoF Physics based fighter with AI and more in Blueprint - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums)

What I am looking for is two things;

A modeler who can model me basic asteroids, nothing fancy, medium to low poly and textured.

And a VFX artist who can do a few particles (an explosion similar to the default explosion asset, and an engine light particle. Also maybe a rocket trail)

I will pay for this, either by royalty on sales (of which some I already have), or a direct payment. I’d like to not spend too much though. I’m not looking for extremely complex high poly assets, but assets good enough to pass epics scrutiny for the marketplace. Efficiency should be the highest priority as my project is VR compatible.

If things work out nicely and we get on the marketplace there might be future work as well as we expand to add capital ships and turrets, and different weapons

The best way to contact me is via skype at Ayreon45

Thanks :slight_smile: