Looking for modders for Total Conversion RPG Mod

I’ve been meaning to build an ark gaming community for a while now and I finally took steps towards the goal.

I want to build a total conversion mod that creates an open-world MMO-RPG on top of ARK.
Starting with an increase in weapons and armor.
Looking at possibly adding specializations (Engram based classes)
Item based magics instead of guns.

To start I wanted to make sure there will be a stable place to test out the total conversion as well as to have a relatively normal server as well.

So I obtained and configured a server for this purpose.

4x 6 core xeon processors (24 total cores)
128 GB Ram
250 GB redundant SSD Space
Configured as a hypervisor running VMs.

I intend to stand up 4 vms total
Ark Dev (4 cores, 24 GB ram)
Ark 2x Standard (6 cores, 24 GB ram)
Ark RPG Conversion (6 cores, 24 GB ram)
Ark [TBA mod server] (6 cores, 24 GB ram)

Leaving 2 cores for hypervisor and 24 GB of ram, some of which could be dedicated to the vms if needed

If anyone would be interested in working on MMO-RPG total conversion mod please let me know.