Looking for Modder creating new clothing

Iam currently looking for a modder who could create new clothing. Iam espacially looking for a robe set. Why?

The german community Wolfsrudel2k (http://www.wolfsrudel2k.de/) just started a new server with fraction based pvp. Beside the 2 fractions for pvp and pve a 3rd fraction, so called Almaiti, exist.
This Almaiti (engl: allmighty) are a kind of gamemakers (planning events, judging, etc … ). I would like to have some special armor set for this fraction. While browsing actual existing mods i couldnt find anything like robes.

Maybe there is some modder out who likes to create any clothing mod.
That would be greate.

Contact me via Inbox, Ts3 or Steam ()

Thank you.