Looking for military props


I am about to embark on my first UE4 project.
I’m loving the engine and am very excited about my new project.

That being said, I am nowhere near skilled enough to create my own props.
I am looking for Military props which would include the following:

Environment props
Vehicles (land & air)
Character & clothing items (Backpacks, vests, helmets, gloves, goggles etc…)

I have searched the marketplace and although there is some good stuff on there, I would still be lacking the required items.
My question is, can somebody point me in correct the direction that would enable me to secure the required items I need?

As a last resort I will hire a freelancer to help.

Hope I make sense and I thank you for any and all replies.

Kind regards

You can find many assets on those sites: https:/// https://www.blendswap/
But those are not always “game friendly” + not especially made for the UE4 -> so you probably have to make some adjustments in your 3d tool + you will have to create materials/lightmaps/collision :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up !