Looking for mentor.


My names is Adam. I’m a young guy intressted in the procces of creating games. For this task, I have been using UE4 for quite some time, but I often run into problems, that Google wont solve for me.
Therefor I’m really hoping that somebody maybe could be a kind of “mentor” for me? I will not write every second, but just somebody to help me out with tasks? I was hoping this could be done through Skype text chat.

So, anybody who wanna help a newbie out?

Thank you

I’m always open for question (when I’m online ^^) -> just add me nasph96 (Philipp) :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,

In addition to fighter5347’s generous offer, you can always use the forums as sort of a “virtual mentor” as I’m a lot of members of the community already do :slight_smile: !