looking for mentor, and group to make various items

Hi new to UE, looking for mentor and/or fellow enthusiasts to collaborate with. Currently im working though tutes on UE4, getting a general understanding, planning to make some random projects, some open worlds and 2d projects and other side quests.
any and all welcome.
Thank you
Rohan Dooley

Hey. I’m Prince. It’s nice to meet you Rohan Dooley. I am having a few issues with these tutorials on here. My first issue was having to squint to read these typographies, Second issue was not being able to make a service. Unreal Engine keeps losing me at page 11 for making a service. type in “Making A Service” in order to warp to that tutorial. I am also lost at C++ programming. The code on the tutorial doesn’t compile. I am following instructions, I just have this feeling that the tutorials haven’t been updated yet. I believe the tutorials was made way early in the development of Unreal Engine. Now Unreal Engine had a title update, the tutorials were left outdated. I don’t blame them tho because these tutorials is a lot of script. However, there are so many talented people looking to get their hands on these tools but can’t get pass the basics of being artistic on here. Do you know anything in order to help me on here. I’m on here all day until I start getting motion sickness for not being over productive on here? I really could use the assistance.

Hi guys I might be able to answer your question if you need anything just pm me


I’d love to join you in the learning progress as I am also searching for a mentor or someone to work with. I do have a game idea I want to realise (already got some small blueprint prototype working) but beeing at the very beginning of coding in C++ with Unreal makes it a bit hard for me to find my own way :wink:


This is going to sound a bit, stupid for a lot of people. However Youtube has a lot of tutorials, there is an online C++ documentary will all the information on the syntax and etc. The help forums has a lot of already answered questions you might have. Though it may be good to have a personal tutor it really requires a lot of self learning on your own to really learn what works and what doesn’t. I think you should look into the this guys series to kick start your C++ adventure.

Trust me, you learn a lot easier when you are making something that is proven.