Looking for members to form a team on a mod I am working on

Before anyone asks, no I am not paying for help with a MOD. I can use anyone with an ADK, time, awilling to learn, and ability to follow instructions. The mod will be a whole game remake like Scorched Earth, any further and someone might steal my idea :smiley:

Material editing/creating
Concept designer (picture or text)
Sound designer
Compiler (person to release the mod, and my previous mods)

I am able to do the blueprints(scripting) and modeling

I don’t want to crush your dreams, but posting just some obscure details and basically asking for people to do a good portion of a mod for you won’t get you any team members.
If you post an excellent description of your idea, including as much detail as possible and graphics or texts to illustrate the idea there is a chance you find someone working on something similar that would be willing to merge their projects with you, but without that the chances of actually gathering a team are rather low :wink: