Looking For Marketer to Build Community. Looking to Launch Kickstarter.


Before I go into any details, you can take a look at what our game is about to see if it is something that interests you:
Facebook Page
Twitter Feed

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a marketer to help build up our Facebook group community (if growing big enough, eventually a forum most likely). The Facebook group will be for playtesters when we get a playable version of the game, announce kickstarter launch, etc. This group will be very vital to the success of our game.
But the job is a whole lot bigger than that, we would need you to post and grow our Twitter, Steam Community, Indie DB, possibly a BLOG, Imgur, etc.
On top of that, you will also need to go around to different forums, Facebook groups, websites, etc, in order to find new audience and spread the word about the game (indirectly, not simply spamming a bunch of websites with copy and paste posts).

You will need to:
-Have a lot of time on your hands, as this is very time consuming (the reason I am looking for a dedicated person just for this, and not able to do it myself).
-Have excellent English skills (especially written)
-Be professional, as you would be representing our game to the public. (Although silly at times is often OK, as you are dealing with social media :P)
-Be a team player, and able to work alongside/with the rest of the Dev team via Slack.
-Have strong Networking skills
-Be Organized and keep “documentation” of what websites we have visited, where we have posted, where we haven’t, etc.

We will work a set price into the Kickstarter which will go to you if the Kickstarter is successful.

Our Current Stage:
Our team has currently just recruited a very skilled and experienced programmer, and we hope to be getting our prototype off the ground fairly soon (still in progress). We also have a few great 2d artists, alongside some talented 3d artists. Our plan is to build up a community to play-test the game through a facebook group. After having a community built, it should be a whole lot easier to launch a successful kickstarter. After launching a successful kickstarter, we plan on continuing development until our launch on steam green-light.

I have been trying to handle the social media such in order to spread the word, but I have become way too busy, which has led to unsuccessfully building up our social media. We need to find someone who has a lot of time and is able to put in the necessary hours needed to grab fans. Building a community is a long slow process, but even slower if you don’t put in the time.

Although this job does not necessarily require a specific skill set, it will require a lot of time and effort. Building a ‘Fan Base’ will decide whether our game is successful or not, so we ask that if you are interested in this position, please be dedicated and take it seriously (but of course, have fun with it as well). We really look forward to possibly hearing from some of you and maybe getting you on our team!

You can contact me at:


If you were to get a marketer, would you already have tools available for them to market the game? (Screenshots, Trailers, Concepts, etc)

We have lots of concepts…models and Prototype are under development. The marketer would have to go with the “open development” style I am assuming, as we would post updates as we go. We have some assets already created, but we still have a pretty decent amount to go. The goal is to build up followers throughout development so that when we have a working prototype, we already have people to play-test for us. Of course, if the marketer has a better plan we are willing to adjust.

Although I am not really sure I could do it, I could try. I have done things close to this for other people, so if you need someone quick I could do it!

BUMP. Current Marketer has become inactive, Looking for replacement.

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In other words you’re looking for someone to spread the word so you can focus on making the game, right?

Do you have a date in mind for the Kickstarter? What if it isn’t successful, do you have a plan B?

How much money will you be asking for? And do you have an ETA for the functional prototype?

-**Spread the word as we focus on making the game: **Pretty much, yes.
-Kickstarter date: no as we do not want to rush it, and the date will be determined when we get enough of a following on social media and play-tester group, to increase chances of success.
-If it isn’t successful, plan B: If the Kickstarter fails, we will simply skip to steam green-light as the plan B. We plan on steam green-light either way, but a successful kickstarter would ensure a higher chance of a success as it is basically another marketing campaign in itself.
-How much money will you be asking for: This is not yet determined, if we get the following we are hoping for, we can ask for a larger amount and try to pay some of the people working on the project, but if it doesn’t look so promising, we will simply use kickstarter to get the bare essentials (a very small amount) and use it more as a marketing push, and if we reach our goal we can always hope for stretch goals.
-Functional prototype ETA: I would have to double check with our programmer, but from the rate it is coming along, I would guess less than 2 months for a bare minimum prototype.

Hopefully that answered your questions. Would be glad to answer any additional ones you may have.

Good point, I have quite honestly not focused as much on the website as I should have lately. Thanks for the hint, I should probably put that on my to do list.

Too bad I don’t have much time right now because it looks interesting and I’d like to help you.

I think you’re making the right decissions, especially with Kickstarter, because there has been a couple of big failures and people are not as trusty as before.

A couple of suggestions that might help:

-Create a Youtube channel and start uploading videos right now, take all your concept art and make a quick video showing that, then share it.
-As soon as you have the prototype make another video AND upload it to
-Think about making regular livestreams, you can use Youtube, Twitch or both through which is free.
-With all that material you can create the Kickstarter.
-Continue doing regular livestreams showing your progress and answering questions.

Nowadays you need to show a great product AND a track record of execution so people will see proof that you’re working on it, that you can deliver and that the finished game will not dissapoint.

In marketing terms you need an outstanding Unique Selling Proposition, remove all doubts and fears and engage your target audience.

There are some great postmortems here, I don’t remember which one but I read a guy explaining how they built their fanbase with Twitch streams.

Thanks for the tips, some of those things we have given thought to, although we need our prototype first :wink:

If you ever get some time on your hands or would like to help out in any way (even if it is in-between other things) I would love chat with you, so keep us in mind :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the tips, will definitely be keeping everything in the back of my head for the future.

No problem and good luck.

Edit: Couldn’t find the article but I remember that the guy said that they not only did regular dev live streams, they also contacted youtubers and streamers who played similar games, they built a community with the help of the already established ones.

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