Looking for Map Makers and 2D Artists for UI and character art

Third person hero shooter with a focus on a unique movement and combat system.

Team Name:
Stanion Studios LLC.

Talent Required:
Map Makers

  • Environment Designers, Level Designers, Modelers, and Texture Artists all welcome to apply!
  • Experience making maps for multiplayer focused games is a bonus.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine tools necessary.

2D Artists

**1. Character Artist **

  • Looking for an artist capable of drawing League of Legends quality character art for character portraits and promotional material.
  1. **Graphic Designer for UIs **
  • Looking for graphic artist to work on UI elements from menus to HUD and other in-game overlays.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

I have some questions:

Will level designer be required to make own assets, or you provide them. Also what is artstyle of your game?
I feel some nostalgia for map making, so maybe i would apply for some map making.

Yep, sounds like a good project here. What kind of art style are you thinking? It’s also good to know how far along in the dev process you are as we can also give you some tips along the way in the other areas that we might not be directly involved with. Either way, emailing you now and looking forward to chatting soon!