Looking for Lighting Tutorials

I am looking for some lighting tutorials. From beginner to advanced. With also some material shader works as well.
Could someone send me some links.

I remember there use to be some about 8months ago but I can’t seem to find them anymore.

Thank you.

Are you looking for engine-specific stuff, or general lighting theory? Are you focusing mostly on exteriors or interior spaces?

I am looking for UE engine specific stuff. Interior and exterior stuff.

This small tutorial explains the basics of lightmass G.I.

I present to you the lighting tutorial to end all lighting tutorials:

Learn how to make lightmap UVs and make them for every single object that needs it (Hint: anything that won’t move needs it)
Make the sun bright (Like, very bright. It’s the sun. Nothing should be brighter than the sun… unless your game has nuclear explosions)
Use a dynamic skylight to fill in shadows with ambient light and reflections (please)
Use static lights to fill interior spaces that get too dark (please)
Use stationary lights for any specular effects, and lower the attenuation radius to optimize the lighting complexity of your scene (otherwise your game won’t run on the PCs of poor people who only have GTX 780 Tis)
Have a good design sense with lighting your space so you can use light to your advantage

Congratulations! Depending on how well you did all the above, you’ll either have shadow bleeding all over the place, dark spots all over the place, lightmass errors, the game won’t run, the engine crashes, or it will look like will look like the Kite Demo and someone other than your mom will crown you Ra.

/sarcasm. Lighting’s actually not bad to handle in UE4, but like anything else, the computer only does what you tell it. If you don’t tell it to have ambient lighting, then it won’t, and everything in your scene will fade to black very quickly and you won’t be able to see anything in the shadows. And if you don’t tell it exactly how bright the sun actually is, then you won’t get any good bounce light around interior spaces, and the bloom effect will be way off. The most important thing to learn first is lightmap UVs: all the GI gets built into tiny textures that are mapped over every static object in your scene: if the UVs are not correct, then you’ll have shadows registering in the wrong places, not enough space to cover intricate details, and worst case scenario, it results in a warning when you go to build lighting. But once you learn lightmap UVs, practice working with lights in different kinds of environments, and remember what I said about skylights!

thank you for the info mariomguy !

Take a look at those tutorials (mainly for indoor lightning):