Looking for Lighting Artist/Specialist

This post is for Project Horror (Abigail). It is a 3d realistic first person atmospheric horror. So we are looking for as close to realism as possible. I should add this won’t be a survival, or crafting, or even a lot of jump scares. We are just going for the feeling of something is going to happen A “PT” vibe if you will

Will take place in an old abandon house from the 50s era. Player will play a distant relative that was notified of ownership of the house. But when you get to the house, it’s far more amazing and disturbing than you were thinking. Some brutal murders happened, and police gave up investigating due to unexplained disturbances. This is a hobby/volunteer project but also something the entire team has been passionate about finishing. We’ve hit some roadblocks along the way and need help

dark tense environment with lost of ambient sounds and realistic lighting to give off the feeling of an old house that may not be empty.
immersive horrific experience, a few puzzles, problem solving.
aiming for VR support in the future

Gryphon Head Games is the team name

David - me
Overall Design Lead, Some Blueprinting 1+ years

Blueprinter 2+ years

3d Artist, Level Designer, Architecture modeling (3+ years 3d modeling)

3d artist, Materials/Texturer, VFX 2+ years

SFX/Music 5+ years

Story 6 months

Previous Work
Kasey, philip, Kevin, and I have done a few game jams
Can PM me here or contact me through skype at the same name
"Forum won’t let me post a screenshot



Still looking for help with this task. Anyone interested in helping with experience in the light department would be greatly appreciated

bumping again. still looking


For some reason It’s saying my messages aren’t going through in the private chat anymore.

Anyway I lit up one of Koolas environments the other night as a sample: http://i.imgur.com/RRmaYUd.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/RCgJyQR.jpg


We are foregoing the lighting artist for now until someone else wants to give it a shot.