Looking for level designer

Hey there, Im a solo developer working in UE4 as a hobby, currently working on a project and I’d like some help with the level design. It will be using Synty studios low poly models. Open world style game. I’m willing to pay for the services but have never hired anyone before so I’d like anyone experienced putting together open world landscapes with low poly environment models to hit me up and let me know what your rates are so I have an idea of exactly what something like this would cost me.

thanks in advance and I apologize if this was not the correct forum to post this in.

HI bro look my portfolio as level designer, ArtStation - carlos medina and look this that I made some time ago

Small warning about those models, they are optimized for mobiles, not necessary for huge open worlds. So you need to code and optimize level streaming.
I bought some packs from them and models were split into multpile objects (ie. more drawcalls), this is fine for small scene for mobiles (more drawcalls but simple shader). While in big openworld you have lots of drawcalls already, and on PC that difference in shader complexity is not noticable. So you probably need somebody who can do level design, and optimize all those meshes for big open world.

Anyway Synty Studios is most complete set of meshes for a game avaiable on unreal marketplace.

Hello, Sent you pm, Let’s catch up !

i sent you a PM, i would like to help you with your project.