Looking for level designer for VR game

We have a prototype made for VR that is different than anything has been offered so far. We are looking for a level designer that is reasonable in their budget and can provide a large enough level for players to explore for a 1- 1.5 hour experience. This would also be a great portfolio piece and open to younger developers that may want a piece of the sales instead of payment upfront. The issue with a lot of VR games are the experiences are too short and we don’t want to be like them. We have different elements to give a lot of diverse gameplay and now need the level to match it. The level will have an underground lab type of feel without it feeling like a horror game with an elevator taking them to different levels as they try to figure out how to advance to each section. DM me if you are interested.

Hey there, sounds very interesting. Just wanted to confirm that on top of being open to parting with a portion of the sales you guys are also open to working in a more traditional arrangement where the work is paid for in full upon completion?

I could design… :slight_smile: when and where do I start?

Do you have assets, or artist that can for eg create particle textures when asked?
For eg i do have VR set, and i made several maps for ut2004 and ut3, but i am not sure if i have enough free time.
So some more detailed information would be helpful.

Agreed, any additional information you can share would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

We are open to a more traditional arrangement also where work is paid for in full upon completion. Ideally somewhere in the middle to offset some of the costs upfront, but that’s not required. We are looking for a one stop shop, where someone would have a library of assets from their previous work and can build a map from it. We haven’t really found an artist yet that can do custom modeling or requests. Let me know if there are anymore questions.