Looking for Level Designer for Pixeled Anime/Paper Mario Inspired RPG

Looking for Level Designer to help make 2.5d(Or paper mario) style levels Unreal Engine 4. We will be creating characters similar this from one of my other projects Unreal Engine Test - YouTube
We have already got a well rounded and wonderful team!
We are going for a 2.5d kind of look.
It is at its starting phase. I have been outlining the story and characters, creating sprites, and working on character portraits.
To be vague this game will not be one of those survival style 2d RPG games. If I had to pick a game it was inspired by that would be Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario and Anime shows like One Piece.
Battle systems will not be time attacks but it will be like this FF12 Combat - YouTube. (In 2.5d) The player will be able to pause or slow gameplay during the battle and make decisions such as use item or specials. You will enter a fight from the Overworld into a battle system like in many old RPGs.
This is a story driven game full of adventure in a world of monsters composed of islands and pirates. Characters will be rich in depth and story. Each island will have its own adventure. This game will have comical moments, sad moments, drama, adventure, action.
This game will be created in Unreal Engine 4. I have some experience in Unreal Engine 4 (a couple months) but I’m not good a blueprints or programming in general. I’m fairly new to most of it but will be working on what I can in the engine. Mainly I will be doing art/animation/level design/ writing/modeling/rigging.
The characters will be flat 3d models in a 2.5d environment like in Paper Mario Thousand Year Door.

Like I said we are at the beginning stages so there won’t be level design work for a bit of time but we would like someone from a level design background to give feedback and pitch in ideas.

You must sign a NDA and due to laws and legal liability you must be from the US or UK and be 18 years or older.
If you are interested email me at [EMAIL=“ujumaster@gmail.com”]ujumaster@gmail.com