Looking for Level Designer for Horror/Vampire Multiplayer Game.

I am looking for a skilled and experienced environment artist to help me build the environment for my battle arena horror multiplayer game. If you love horror and vampires this will be your go to project.

The game is nearly done and the person who I hire will get an instant alpha to the game via steam. All I’m looking for now is beautiful horror levels for vampires to fight in as I polish the game.

To be specific, I do not want someone to build me pre-made environment for me. I am looking for someone who has multiplayer fun in mind, with creative thought processes .

I would ideally like someone who is dedicated and stay with the me as it grows. Preferably I would like someone to work for free and get a share, but I’d like to hear your rates. For more info about my game go to

Skills & Requirements
1+ years using Unreal Engine 4, with a demonstrated proficiency in environment creation via published projects or a shareable portfolio
Solid working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 best practices: (Performance optimization & best-practices, Landscaping, Working with Asset packs, Foliage generation, LODs, Lighting)
Preferable flexible availability with good microphone and internet for screen sharing sessions

Would like someone Familiar with Counter-Strike GO, Half-Life, Half-Life 2 levels, but in a horror atmosphere
Professional artistic experience.

DM if interested. Or Visit the discord