Looking for Level Designer for active/released Project

We’re looking for a level designer to work on our game project, Vizaris.

Vizaris is an open world 1st/3rd person RPG. Set in an arid landscape, the requirements for you as the level designer will be the ability to take a near empty canyon (just terrain mesh) and form it into a fully complete play area for the game by placing hundreds and potentially thousands of different meshes. Additionally or alternatively, you will create caves and later dungeons and building interiors of various size located all around the landscape.

You will be working with our existing set of art assets, though ideally you would be skilled enough with an external art program to modify existing assets into custom pieces for specific locations, or potentially even create entirely new pieces.

Every week Vizaris will be updated, and the work on the landscape which has been completed will be integrated into the latest game update for users to download.

You will be working closely with me (The current level designer) to expand areas of the game. This reasonably low intensity and obligation, fun, consistent work, which is very rewarding as at the end of the day you’ve expanded the game world, and can run around and explore your own creations.

Please take a scan though the sliders in at least a few of the weekly update posts here, to get a good idea of the quality standard. These environments are all made with modular meshes, and lighting is fully dynamic, so you won’t need to worry about lightmass.

Applicants please respond here, or email us at


First of all congratulations! Very cool project!

I’m interested in joining your team as a level designer.
Here is a link to my page

and a video I made with Unreal