Looking for level designer and SFX maker for animated series project

the names scorp and I’m planning on starting a small animated series based on different LITRPG series I have read/listened to. I’ll try to keep this short. I have a storyline and how I want it to be going but for now, I want to start working on an obstacle course where I practice animating different fighting styles (swords, bow, martial arts, magic, body morphs, etc). This is to get practice as I just purchased a motion capture suit (was a decent leap for me) and it’ll be fun to start with it and get acquainted with anyone interested in joining.

I have quite of bit of stuff to start such as DAZ studio for characters and different humanoids (gifs will be at the bottom including an example retarget of a mismatch of humanoid body parts, and yes, there will be face tracking), a whole bunch of different unreal assets (both the assets and Daz are a mix of paid and free stuff), previous experience in unreal working with BPs as well as animation BPs (though I plan on using the unreal timeline for cinematics). And a bunch of custom models and well, animations were done by me.

What would be required of you is that you would be able to make different types of levels (I can supply most of the models and textures if need be) as well as know-how to make Special effects, as well as be able to work with me. I am 21 but have around 2 years of unreal experience under my belt (here is one of my more successful projects I ran and I have been messing with animations and blender for nearly 5 years now). So if you do join, I won’t be asking you to do too much as this will be more of a hobby project for fun for now. So I won’t be asking you to do too crazy of things as I have a basic idea of what is possible and what isn’t though I will be asking you to make it look nice.
Anyway, if you are interested or would just like more information, send me a message on discord (Scorpneo#6070) and we can chat there.

And as I said, here are the examples of the Daz studio (1-3), retarget example (4), previous models I have animated (5)(these are old so don’t judge me based on these, also, they were all hand made), some of the models I have in the game (6), the level design attempts (7-8), and if the hyperlink didn’t work, previous work (9)

(1) Screen capture - e8e69b6da8d749bc56a92a9682c73994 - Gyazo
(2) Screen capture - 31d9f24a1e56a37518944fe97da1e05b - Gyazo
(3) Screen capture - 8407625ce55ff476ee5afffe7f128163 - Gyazo
(4) Screen capture - 019e35b2d7743e5051b732a1746f928b - Gyazo
(5) scorpiologist (@scorpiologist) - Sketchfab
(6) Mobs 1 - YouTube (custom, modified and assets)
(7) Screen capture - 70bc806a288ad1524638b1cfdbcf79b5 - Gyazo
(8) Screen capture - 8cc51c5536853d1120afdf5b313301e6 - Gyazo
(9) Screen capture - b554e83bdaa1a13143263abf5db7d017 - Gyazo