Looking for Lead Unreal Engine Developer for Space-Age Shooter


My name is Jack and I am the lead 3D artist and technical director for an upcoming production under the working title of Echelon 12 (This name is subject to change). My colleague and I have been conceptualizing Echelon 12 for the past month and we have reached a stage where finding an Unreal Engine lead developer is paramount to the next phase of this project: pre-production.

Basic Project Overview: Echelon 12 is a 3D space age, isometric shooting game set in a future where mysterious aliens threaten the expanding human civilization. Tension grows as the Echelon 12 space station, Earth’s last defense is invaded. One human is all that stands in the way of total annihilation. While our Game Design Document and story documents are currently being designed, we would like to provide access to a short outline that describes some key aspects of this project. (This outline is subject to change) Echelon 12 Presentation Outline - Google Docs

**Position: **At this stage, we are looking to find an experienced Unreal Engine 4 developer who can direct the programming and technical development portions of this project. We have specifically chosen to search for a developer at this phase because we are very interested in finding a developer who not only has extensive Unreal Engine experience but who passionately enjoys stories from the space age/sci-fi game genre. For this reason, we have chosen to integrate a developer into our production before the pre-production phase in the interest of opening the door for creative input from whoever is interested in applying for this position. The applicants accepted for this position will play an important role in creative decisions when it comes to drafting and finalizing our Game Design Document, our multiple story specific documents, and the overarching design of this project. Furthermore, they will lead and manage the Unreal Engine 4 development portion of this project. (See the Job Details section below for more information.)

Applicants should:

Value storytelling and the utilization of interactive media (video games) to tell unique and immersive stories.

Value a creative and innovative work environment.

Enjoy or have a passion for Sci-fi or space-age related media genres and/or video games.

Have extensive experience working with Unreal Engine 4 and/or programming in C++ to develop 3D video games for PC and Console releases.

Have experience working with other designers/artists/developers throughout an Unreal Engine or creative project production pipeline.

Have some interest in business, management, or leadership from a technical or development perspective.

Job Details:

  • Responsible for the core development and design of mechanics behind Echelon 12 inside of Unreal Engine 4
  • Responsible for working and collaborating on the project with other artists, designers, and writers inside and outside of Unreal Engine.
  • Responsible for leading and managing the development portion of the project including advocating for developer-specific resources such as additional developers.
  • Managing and leading additional contributors (if brought on board) inside Unreal Engine 4.
  • Responsible for managing collaboration tools and files such as repositories/developer-specific file directories. (This includes development related documents)

Additional Time Frame Details:

**Pre-Production: **This segment of the project is estimated to last between three to four months and will consist of heavy, detailed planning and design including the creation of the Game Design Document (GDD) as well as multiple other story and design related documents.

**Production: **This portion of the project may last between six months to one year and will consist of the development of the game including the prototyping and creation of the core mechanics as well as all of the art and sound assets.

**Post-Production: **This section should only last between two to three months as we finalize, release and market the game on various documented platforms.

**Position: **This position is estimated to call for a minimum of six to eight hours of commitment per week. During important or key phases of development, this amount may fluctuate.

**Compensation: **Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide a direct, full-time salary for the lead developer position in the terms of compensation. This may change over the course of the project, however, post-release royalties and a stipend will be guaranteed as we begin or finish the production and post-production phases of this project. Please feel free to email us with any questions you have concerning payment.

**Applying: **If you are interested in leading the development/programming of Echelon 12 in Unreal Engine, please apply for this position by emailing me at Please feel free to provide personal details about yourself as a developer as well as any portfolios or résumés. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to address those questions in your application.

Thank you very much for your time and have a nice day.

Jack Millard - Director and Artist

Cool game concept! Best of luck! :slight_smile: