Looking For Lead 3D Object/Character Artist To Become The Creative Director!

Freedom Games

Multiple Positions

*Completely Remote Work, Revenue Shared Model

*Experience Required (Please have a portfolio ready)
*Skills Required: Painting/Texturing, Animating, Rigging, Modeling. Secondary Skills but not required: Level Design
*You will be in charge of a new 3D artist who can help you in any way you see fit

Hello! I am Matthew, the CEO and founder of Freedom Games. It is our vision to bring fresh, new, and innovative games to the marketplace that emphasize quality. We don’t over shoot the scopes of our games, and believe that a smaller, higher quality game is perfect for our team size. We are currently seeking like-minded, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial types who are willing to be apart of a team. We are in the early stages of development for a horror game that can be directly influenced by your input and contribution. Our team consists of 4 which combined, share over 30 years of business experience some of which have been within various AAA franchises and games. We are looking to build a team of 5, so quality candidates should apply. During our first project, we will move forward with contractual work with the potential to receive full time employment down the road. This is a no capital startup, meaning no upfront pay will be given out. Currently, we expect our game to have a 6 month turn around, which is when you can expect to get paid. Once we have 2-3 projects under our belt, and we have gauged our success, we can move forward and look for outside fund sourcing for future projects. The company is at its very beginnings which means you have the potential to move up rapidly within the company, influence the direction of the games we create, and be apart of something greater than yourself. You are not joining a one-game wonder, nor are you joining a hyped indie studio. You are joining a stable company that prides itself on team, family, and culture. We are here to stay, and we are here to grow.

**Positions Already Filled: **

-Producer/Creative Director

-Lead Programmer (C++/Blueprints)

-3D Artist

-Sound/Music Designer

**Positions To Fill: **

-Lead Artist (3D)

*****Please keep in mind that with any game development role, you may and probably will take on various secondary and tertiary roles. We need our next team members to primarily fill the above roles, however we take every applicants secondary and tertiary roles as enhancers, but not as the main consideration in the vetting process.These roles include but are not limited to: Game Designer, Level Designer, Animator, Modeler, Rigger, QA, Writer, Team Leads, Tech Leads, Project Manager.

Tools/Software Used:

Engine - UE4

Modeling/Animating/Rigging – (Artist Discretion)

Art/Graphic Design – (Artist Discretion)

*Version Control – **PlasticSCM **(subject to change)

*Project Management Tool – **Asana **(subject to change)

(Any personally used programs such as Maya, Photoshop, etc are welcome. We only ask that you be willing to work with our selected version control and project management tools.)

If you interested or have any questions/concerns, please email me at:

[EMAIL=“”] or respond/message me here.

I look forward to working with you, and potentially establishing a long and prosperous partnership.

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