Looking for interested people to help with a start up

I have a few ideas for a game that I am wanting to do. It is unpaid right now, but I would like for it to be released and then everyone on it would get royalties. That’s the hopeful plan anyway.

Wanting to do an immersive, open RPG game.

I do plan on getting publicity for it once stuff is up and running.

My skype is cjsavage56 : i may be able to help you out. Here is my portfolio (outdated)

My email is

Hey, i’m new to unreal engine but currently interested in learning it and developing a game. I have a background in c++ and c#, I currently work as a java web developer. I would only be able to guarantee 2-3 hours of working on a project a day, due to my full time job. It’s easiest to contact me through email at