Looking for info on "LogLevelTools: Error: Cannot find remapping for moved actor ID"

UPDATE 11/18 :
looks like this might be related to the level move breaking any existing ‘soft references’ to the moved objects. I’m reading up on that and asset registry docs but any additional ideas/fixes are much appreciated since these are new terms/issues for me. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Been playing around with the widgets today and they are quite cool. Having fun hooking up some very basic python scripts and trying things out. However, I have a non-widget specific question.

One of my tests has been to move actors to a specific streaming level based on a previously assigned asset tag. It seems to all be working but I am also getting this error for each actor moved:

LogLevelTools: Error: Cannot find remapping for moved actor ID /Game/Maps/PythonTag.PythonTag:PersistentLevel.BpActor####

As I say, things all wind up where they are meant to be (the actors are moved from a persistent level to the correct streaming level) but i want to understand what is happening and I can’t seem to find ref to this error message on line (which seems odd). I’m using “Move Actors to Level” can anyone point me to some docs or thread where I can get better acquainted with what’s going on?


I am wondering about the same. I had bunch of stuff on Persistent level. When I added 2 streaming levels, I moved all stuff from Persistent level to one of the streaming levels and got

error for only 2 actors, one of which was player start actor.