Looking for info about CI/CD tutorial AWS or TeamCity

Hi Guys,

I am in the process of building/setting up an automated CI/CD for my friend and I for working on our UE project.
The problem is I am really struggling to find any tutorial about going on about such a thing.

We are using Windows at the moment.

If any one knows about such tutorials, it would be greatly appreciated if you pass links on. After experimenting in AWS and TeamCity…I came to the conclusion that the easiest would be to have a version of the Engine already having been set up for Automation.

Problem is such a thing weights 110Gb…so it’s not hostable on any platform without paying massive amount of money.

I am sure there must be a better way to go about it…but I encounter issues trying to just pull the Engine source from Github and installing, running Setup.bat, then GenerateProjectFiles.bat, pulling Visual Studio as well, building it, then building the engine, in a CI/CD environment…They surely must be a better, easier way but I am struggling to find any resources or tutorial about it which seems very odd/crazy to me as it feels like a normal thing people would want to achieve.

Any help for building such CI/CD greatly appreciate.

I already have experience building CI/CD on AWS for Web project, backends and Android app…but UE is really feeling like the top level Haha



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@Kcrik How did this turn out for you? I’m looking down similar paths now.

Hey actually, TeamCity is fine, but I needed to maintain my own local server, and my laptop doesn’t have infinite memory.
If I wanted multiple projects at same time, maybe that’s just my lack of knowledge but seemed quite painful.

I haven’t tried yet, but from what I have gathered and understood from meddling with UE, in theory, you should be able to build a Docker image with UE downloaded on it, built, etc…ready to build your game.
Package that on AWS, and then deploy a container, Ad-Hoc, that will use this docker image, pull your game code from Github or wherever, into this container and run the building script to create the build, then push it into a S3 bucket to make it available.

This is something I wanna try in next couple of months, but from my discussion with other engineers, it sounds like the best possible solution if you wanna run it on AWS :slight_smile: