looking for help with scripting

looking for any help with some scripting or a events graph for a random spawn for all my added ambient wildlife ie (Butterflys) to spawn in random places over the map and fly around all randomly and land in all random places and repeat and continue to do so till game is shut down.

I have them in a BP so they can spawn if i drag into the level editor and place but i don’t really want to make a complete new map.
They only target a target locator and stay near that i want them to spawn all randomly and fly in random ways and land all randomly.

any help would be great as this is all new to me.


im just guessing cause i have not done it myself, but you should take a look at the last part of this tutorial i think that what you want is just adding this new dino to spawn points

4.1. Copy PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Spawners/DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands to your mod folder
4.2. Rename your copy to “DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands_MyMod” and EDIT it
4.3. Locate NPCSpawnEntries and click +
4.3.1. Click on the newly created entry (11 if this is the first time) and expose the fields For An Entry Name put “MyPara (1)” - where 1 is just a text value to remind you it’s 1 dino spawning only For NPCs to Spawn, click + … then in the newly create 0 field, click the dropdown and choose “MyPara_Character_BP” For NPCs Spawn Offsets, click + … and leave everything default. Note: if you are spawning more than 1, make X value 300. For NPCs to Spawn Percentage Chance, click +… and add 1 into the field For Entry Weight put in a value between 0.0 and 1.0. e.g. 0.12 = 12% to spawn Leave all other entries default.
4.4. Locate NPCSpawn Limits and click +
4.4.1. Click on the newly created entry (11 if this is the first time) and expose the fields For NPCClass dropdown select “MyPara_Character_BP” For Max Percentage Of Desired Num to Allow enter 0.5
4.5. Compile and Save.

5.1. Go back to your PrimalGameData_BP_MyMod and edit it
5.2 Locate Remap NPCSpawn Entries and click +
5.2.1. Under 0, change From Class dropdown to “DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands”
5.2.2. Under 0, change To Class dropdown to “DinoSpawnEntriesGrasslands_MyMod”
5.3. Compile and Save