Looking for help with prototyping

I am looking for someone to help me prototype out a once pet project. I keep working on it for short sprints and then leaving it for months at a time. Below is a short list of what I am looking for (more description as why I’m looking below):

  • A basic main menu (I have mockups and will provide assets as needed)

  • Basic steam integration using the “UWorks” Plugin

    • I own the plugin and will provide the code

    • This will also tie into the mockups

    • I am in the process of getting a Steam ID

  • Basic lobby set up with (see “Multiplayer Lobby System” Marketplace Item for an example, also own):

    • Map Selection (no map creation necessary just a flat cube or something with spawn points is fine)

    • Gamemode Selection

    • Character selection:

      • Two teams, let’s call Red and Blue

      • Each team should also have 2 subclasses attached to it (with the ability to add more). These can be the default characters (no need to have custom for now) as long as there a difference can be seen. I can provide actual models (already made) if that’s easier to do.

        • Each character class/subclass should have attached survival and inventory elements that can be defined in their respective blueprint or other variables. (See “Survival Inventory” on the Marketplace, I also own this and can provide it).

Reason Why I’m doing this?/Next Steps:
As I said above, I’ve been working and have played around with Unreal Engine since UDK whoever I could never string together enough continuous time to make it worth doing a big push forward on the project. Recently I’ve decided to be committed to the project with a couple friends of mine and turn it into less of a Pet Project and into more of a collaborative work. Currently we are working more on the assets side and feel like we want to our spend time on that; however, I feel the need to have at least a way to prototype our work and to have a proof of concept which is the reason for this post. I understand that I’m not just asking for something basic and that this will take some work to complete and will be reasonable on the compensation end. I prefer to have payments done with milestones though other arrangements can be made as well. Please message me with an estimate if you are interested.

Project Title:
Dangerous Encounter (Working Title)

Essentially without giving to much away. The game will be Team A vs Team B where Team B will be trying to “kill” Team A. Team A’s objective is to survive a certain amount of time/complete a certain task. Team A will have a limited weapon selection.

Gameplay Includes:

  • Survival Elements for both teams.

  • Each team will have unique properties to them .

  • First person view point (most likely).

  • Large open environments (Potentially 1km by 1km but not final)

Team Name:
Deep Drift Studios, LLC

Team Structure:
I currently am the only person actively working on this however I have 3 others who have helped and will be helping me along the way with, programming, art/animation and map design along with future freelance/contracted developers.

Deep Drift Studios (work in progress)

PM me here