Looking for help with new project

Hi, Looking for people to join my team, Raptor Games, is a new company based in Australia I’m looking to create an OpenWorld/Survive game with all elements of gameplay.

In this role, you will be

  • Implementing new features in the application using blueprints (C++ where necessary)
  • Fixing bugs and maintaining functionality in the application

What I’m looking for

  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine Blueprints and UMG
  • Proficiency with UE4 material creation
  • Experience with UE4 networking
  • Experience with C++ in Unreal
  • Experience developing complex Unreal Engine projects, ideally designing and implementing applications and games from start up
  • Experience with rendering and performance optimization
  • Must work well in a team environment with all members of the team
  • Project portfolio with code/blueprint samples you can provide
  • Speaks fluent English

Join this exciting project, contact me at [EMAIL=“”] for more information

Hi i fixed tag for your post. Paid should be reserved only for offers when you can pay for job done (not share revenue after).

Hi @Martyfewkes,

Please tell us more about the game, especially the “all elements of gameplay” part. Thanks in advance.