Looking for help with improving the fps of my game project and level design

Hi their, the title of my game is kathadia, it is an anime style mmorpg however at the moment it is single player, it will be similar to aura kingdom and completely open world. recently my developer assistant created a nice forest but unfortunatly the frames per second i get when playing is far too low, in the forest or looking at it i get 6-8 frames per second with the resolution on 600x500 and only 3 frames a second when on 1200x800. i urgently need help with getting this map finished and also having atleast 20 frames per second. I unfortunately cannot proceed with finishing the map until the frame rate is decent, because we are only going to be adding more cities and trees and npc’s and monsters etc. we carnt afford to have a frame rate of less than 15. can anyone help please?

You may need a better computer…

Sounds like you need a lot better PC and most likely a more experienced level designer who knows at least some of the basic optimization tricks. You should be aiming for 50-60 fps minimum. Not 15… Put up a couple images showing the forest etc. might be an overkill on asset usages. Over populating etc. But definitely save up and get a modern PC if you’re going to play with UE4… All best.

You see there is small problem, experienced level designer will demand monthly salary that is in price range of new (decent not top of the line) computer. Your project probably needs optimization, then cleaning code, making some decent and optimized library of materials, optimizing lighting, teaching you both how to make optimized models. Then after all that you will (most probably) ruin everything in a week, so this project requires continued support and maintenance on top of everything above. I doubt anybody will do this cheap.

i am trying to make a game that has a similar fps to aura kingdom and twin saga, tera, vindictus etc, and my fps is really smooth on those games, it should be possible to make a game that runs well like that with ue4 right? i mean, those games run fine for me and there multiplayer aswell. im sure one of you can help me, i will post pictures of the game currently.

p.s my budget is $375/month

Exactly how much of the terrain details are being loaded into memory at any one given time? You have to set a limit especially in a multiplayer game over a network. You have to limit the distance from the player that high detail is being drawn and making this an option so players with a poor pc can scale it back to minimum but players with high end rigs can crank it right up is probably optimal. Regardless the distance and detail are most likely what is killing the framerate. You might be able to optimize some other areas but distance/detail and how much of the world you actually have loaded all matter an awful lot.

What kind of hardware are you currently running this on? My machine is crazy old and I can still get a decent rate in a lot of stuff. It might help if you posted the specs just for reference.

Nvidea GeForce 310m with driver 342, 4gb ram, intel core i7 processor 1.7 ghz and 1600x900 monitor with refresh rate of 60 and graphics set to 1600x900 true colour

And my pc is a laptop 64 bit with windows 7 home premium

Last time i check about 700kb is the memory usage of the program compared to twin saga which is 260-300kb

please watch some of the tutorials and lectures and talks on the topic of cg optimization.
you can find some of them below:

you can also check for siggraph papers, which should help a lot:

Ty for those i watched the videos but they didn’t really help me, and im not the developer im just the owner of the project and Luke is the developer.

Then send those links to Luke and have him watch them.

In addition, you and especially your developer may want to strongly consider upgrading.…h-a-nvidi.html

The games you’ve mentioned don’t exactly tell much about running UE4 as they use different engines. Vindictus in particular uses Source Engine, which is 6th generation tech, much older than UE4 - 8th gen tech.

Also, because some video cards can run UE4 does not necessarily guarantee they can handle game development. GeForce 310M was released in 2009, a time during the 7th gen of gaming and is merely gaming worthy for UE4 games (with some compromise) but it is not developer-worthy with the engine itself.

So are you saying even if i tried my best to have the game run aswell as those other games do on pc i will never get it right coz im using the wrong engine?