Looking for help! Will take less than a day or a few hours :)

Project Name: "The Bloody 1’st
Role Required: We are looking for a UI designer who if gave permission to edit the project could redesign our main menu interface. Quick work and a 1 time thing. If you really are excited about the project you may work on it longer doing more UI work :).
Team Size: Currently Ki113R Studios consists of 1 3D Artist, 2 Sound designers, 1 voice actor, 1 programmer, and a texture artists. We really need a UI arist willing to help!!
Project Length: Like I said, the redesign process would take around a week depending how fast you work. If you would like to stay after you are welcome.
Compenstation: Since it’s such a small task and youre just helping make tweaks to what’s already there I’m looking for someone who would be willing to do it for free just to help out a fellow developer. This project is mainly for the team’s portfolio so we don’t have an insane budget like others do.
Responsibilities: Tweak the existing menu interface. Make it look beautiful :slight_smile:
Project Description: The Bloody First is an action real time strategy first person shooter game. The game will include battle selection, weather options, pre-battle planning, and player customization as well as user created military divisions. Plans for post-launch will include workshop created battles as well as workshop created modifications to the game.

Contact :
Discord: NateTheDev#7069

About Us:
I’m the project leader for this game and for 3 of the team members this will be our second game together.

Can we see the current U.I. design? Helps to brainstorm ideas/styles and get an overall feel for the game to see if anyone might be interested. Cheers.