Looking for help on how much can be done with .ini files only

Thanks in advance for any help! I’m looking to improve the early-game experience, especially as regards crafting. Ideally I’d like to get engrams into tech trees by modifying their prerequisites and I’d like to revamp the components on a few items.

I’m currently working just with the game.ini file to modify engram requirements. Can I override prerequisites and components with .ini commands, and if so, are there any lists of vanilla prereqs and components I can work from?

Thanks for your time!

You could probably use this link in conjunction with this code to make some pretty major changes via .ini



^ Source: http://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration

Thanks Pok3r! I had actually already gotten that far (I even suggested switching the configurator to engram class names instead of IDs to Trinity :slight_smile: What I’m looking to do now is take it to the next level. But for that, I need a list of existing crafting recipes and resource “_C” names to help me revamp a chosen few, and also some way to manage the prerequisites. I haven’t found anything about those yet, and I’m hoping someone, somewhere has that knowledge.

I think you’re right that I can get a lot of tweaking done in the .inis, and that works because step 1 is to get a working gameplay model. So I want to push the limits with easy-to-mod tweaks before I have to dive into the dev kit.

List of recipes is on ark wiki. As well as a ton of other useful info. You just have to go to each item you want to change and look.

How to find info on the internet

oog. yeah. I was more looking for a clean list, hopefully a spreadsheet. I guess I’ll keep looking, as it would be hours to build one from the wiki.