Looking for help on a multiplayer procedural dungeon rouge-like!

Greetings everyone!

I am currently working on a multiplayer top down rouge-like, diablo-like type of game
and I want to share with you some of what I have been doing!

I currently have the Action RPG Inventory system by Vanguard Systems in the game
as it was a lot quicker to implement for prototyping my idea.

I am looking for help off any kind as this is a passion project!
If this type of game interests you or you are just looking for a place to experiment with ideas you have then send me a message and lets get started!

Here is a quick video of the procedural dungeons in their early form:

Here is a video of some prototype gameplay:

At the moment the type of combat system I am going for is similar to something like Pillars of Eternity or Dragon Age: Origins
But this is a prototype so we will see if that changes in the future.

Combat will mostly be focused around melee with magic coming in the form of scrolls and enchantments.
You will be able to increase you effectiveness with scrolls and magic in general but this would obviously come at the cost
Of your effectiveness in melee but with friends this synergy may pay off in the long run!

I also currently have an old-school Diablo style auto map that reveals as you explore.

So here is the basic outline of how this game would play out:

You would start the game by creating your character and choosing your name/gender.
After that you would spawn in a small town square where you will find your personal stash and plenty of merchants who sell various things from potions to food to magical scrolls for use in combat.

After you get acquainted with your surroundings and learn the basic controls of the game you will head into your first dungeon, here you will find all manner of nasty monsters and humans alike.
But beware, once you enter the dungeon the only way to leave is by dying or by reaching the next floor of the dungeon and opting to return to town instead of continuing.

In these procedural dungeons you will find plenty of randomised loot with varying stats and properties but you must choose what you loot wisely as your bag space is limited!

If you die in the dungeon you will leave behind all your equipment and inventory items and spawn back in the town,
You character level and progress will not be lost and you will be able to simply equip some spare gear from your stash or buy some from a merchant and head back into the endless dungeons.
If you are playing with friends they could perhaps pick up some of your lost gear and bring it back with them but everyone’s inventory space is limited and that chest piece you have has the exact stats I am looking for!

(If you die while playing with friends you will not be able to rejoin them in the dungeon until they have finished and returned back to town.)

After you complete a floor of the dungeon you will be able to choose to either go back to town with what you have so far or continue on to the next floor.
Each floor of the dungeon will bring increased danger and risk of death but also greater and better quality loot.

If you choose to go back to town the next time you enter the dungeon you must again start from the first floor.

While in the town you can store some extra gear you found in your stash or smelt it down into crafting materials which
can be used to craft various pieces of gear which will roll random properties on creation.

After you have sold all your stuff, stocked up on potions and crafted some new gear its time to head back into the dungeon.

How far can you make it into the dungeon?

I am always looking for help with this project as its quite a bit to do by myself so if this interests you then please send me a message!

Did a little testing with the online multiplayer and just thought I would share a little video of how things are coming along so far!

While filming this I had a bug where every players name showed up as mine but that has since been fixed.

I am always looking for help with this project as its quite a bit to do by myself so if this interests you then please send me a message!