Looking for help in all areas, passion project for fans of RPG and Final Fantasy

Game Title: Amaranthine Story


 Based on a story written and revised to perfection over 10 years, Amaranthine Story Chapter One is the first installment in an intended epic. 

The world of Unelma is minutes away from world war as the empire of Amenthes seeks to expand its boarders to the last opposing country- Grand Eden.
The King of Grand Eden has been murdered and the kingslayer sits within the walls of Grand Eden’s prison awaiting his execution. Little do they know an unlikely prisoner will create
the perfect distraction for his escape.

Seeking only to run away, Matthias will begin a journey to change the world forever.


**What I am looking for: **

I am looking for any help to create a potential team. I am looking for people who don’t mind helping in their free time or people that want to be a part of something with potential.

I am mostly looking for:

Environmental Artists
VFX Artist
and people experienced with creating fluid Blueprint systems and challenging AI.

The work load is small since I have completed most of the work solo. This is the final stages of a base game/ demo that will be used to secure funding.

If interested, please send me whatever experience you may have/ portfolios/ etc to

This is a passion project 10+ years in the making for me. I want it to be big so quality is important!